Singapore October 2010

It baffles me how I can never get tired of this country. I go here at least once every year, and this trip alone is my second time there for 2010. It’s pretty silly though because Singapore isn’t even that big. I think it’s the size of Quezon city. But what they lack in space, they sure do make up for in attractions, technology and shopping– just to name a few.

Note: This will be a photo heavy entry. Hold on to your scroll bars!

I’ll be posting different entries for two very special places that we went to. Oh and lest I forget, an entire post dedicated to the food there.


Dans (Yes, that's how you spell it.) festival near Esplanade.

Hawker at its finest.<3 Love at first sight, I tell you.

Daddy looking out for his food. Hungry lion. Approach with caution.

Just kidding. My daddy's a sweetheart! ISN'T HE CUTE? Hahaha, love you, dadders!

Wouldn't you like to ride this bull? I sure would.

To the world, to the world, to the world, to the world.

& I'm happily sipping on my carrot juice because I know it's probably one of the ONLY healthy things I'll be eating here.

Pigeons take baths too, you know.

Except they do it in broad daylight with a fountain.

Excuse the clutter, we dove right in the moment we stepped inside Seoul Garden.

My tita Eden and my mom have been best friends even before I was brought into this world.

You see, I confused Allan for his sister in a picture and well, this is how he gets back at me. Haha!

You want the best stingray? Head on over to Bedok where they've been giving me the best for over 19 years.

When I was a little girl, I'd run up to the top part of a double decker bus, take the front seat, clench the railing and pretend that I was driving the big vehicle. Some things never change.

It's not often that my parents are together because of my dad's occupation so I take snapshots of them whenever I can.

The sign that bears my elementary school's name.

Tito Richard and my dad always meet up whenever we're there for a holiday. This trip wasn't an exception and I'm glad.

Only one of the many buildings my dad helped in making. Those vertical lines are from the Fountain of Wealth. Heehee.

Spread the love on a fountain. Literally.

Me and my dad were laughing out loud when we saw my mom's reaction to this elephantine size of a vase.

One of my favorite pictures of them, definitely. Spot the happiness in their eyes.


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