CRAK Christmas Shopping Year 4

I’m a sucker for Christmas traditions. One of them being my high school barkada’s annual Christmas shopping where we all have a set budget for each person and we buy our gifts at the same time. We’d usually start early, at around 10 in the morning and end late with dinner. Unfortunately, half of our foursome left for the ever popular US of A even before the month of December arrived, so it was just me, my best friend Claudelle, and all the money and cards we had in our wallets.

We planned on starting early as usual, but seeing as I had to cram a paper for two hours because Ateneo still held classes on that day, I arrived an hour late. I’m still sorry, Pulidles. I know how iffy I can get when someone isn’t punctual and well, I’m aware of how big of a hypocrite I can be at times. I honestly thought that we’d take longer seeing as we had a relatively “bigger budget” for each other. But we came prepared being the independent and grown up girls that we are, and brought a list. Chocolates from Royce were at the top of her list and brogues kept haunting me with every turn of a magazine’s page, so it was pretty easy to continue on from there.

This is our attempt at copying each other's favorite poses.

There was a surfeit of familiar faces in the mall, all coming from high school, college and even work. It made everything feel very homey actually. There was this comforting sense in knowing that even if months and maybe even years had elapsed, I was still being greeted with the same smile I once knew. Too bad I don’t have pictures of all the friends I bumped into though.

Bumped into Kyna Payawal, a former blockmate who was fresh off her trip from California!

We saw Chola too! We used to be review buddies back when we were still wishing about being accepted into the universities we're already a part of at present: UST, DLSU and ADMU.

She was finally able to claim her Starbucks planner! Merry Christmas to you indeed!

Claudelle and I capped our day off with dinner at Cocktales. It was such an amazing day of catching up, gawking at all the beautiful items that we wished Santa could give us, laughing uncontrollably over the most mundane things, and even the making of a few early resolutions for the next year.

A tad bit too creamy for me. A 1/5 on the DITCH scale.

A filling dish all for the price of P100. A 3/5 on the DO scale.

Pulido, I know that Christmas shopping this year wasn’t at all like how we planned it the year before, but I’m incredibly grateful to have you as my shopping buddy. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND I’LL ALWAYS BE ON YOUR SIDE, NO MATTER WHAT.

Here's to four past Christmas traditions, and many more to come!


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