Our version of a Christmas morning.

From an economic presentation consultation, a spa date with Tina Ramos (the tigress of my life haha), a NRM Christmas lunch date at Cafe Xocolat, a photoshoot for a very talented make-up friend of mine, to a BlueREP Christmas party in one of the most beautiful condo units I have ever been to….

To say that this day was tiring is an absolute understatement. Haha. I’m not even going to try and put details into this entry. I’ll just let a few of the pictures here do the talking for me.

I gave Nina a "Hair" inspired top and her favorite mascara. Mikey gave her a FIERCE shirt (literally) and a little something something else.:> Hahaha!

They both gave me tops with lace detailing.:"> They know me so well.

Mikey got lots of shirts. Yes, we spoil our NRM boy.

Abs and legs.<3

Tine, Ejay, Dana, me, David and Mikey in Mica Fajardo's luxurious condo.

No pictures from the photoshoot just yet. I’ll upload some once I see them.:)


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