Friendship Grocer: blueREPERTORY 2011-2012 plansem DAY 1

Maronne, me, Tina and Nina; HR-Promo represent! Meeting time at McDo Katipunan was 6:30pm. Friday night traffic's the worst so we waited for the others.

The place soon became a blueREP mixer though because another group met there before going to Gio's beach in Batangas.:)) Here are Tina, Maronne, Angela, me, Nina, Raisa and Tine with our In the Heights superstar, Marcos! Congrats again, love! P.S. Did you know that McDo now serves sundae cones with extra ice-cream on top for P15? Gah, I don't think my stomach can handle any more though.

Before heading over to the venue itself, we stopped by the grocery to stock up on food. We were divided into three groups and I was with my lovely HR-Promo representatives. It was such a lovely surprise because we sort of expected to be distributed among the others for the bunching knowing that it’s done by random. Tomik even said that he was shocked to see the output because he placed all the members’ names in Excel and didn’t expect our little group to still be together. Haha! It was good training ground, I guess, because before we knew it, we were talking about the menus that we were to prepare: breakfast for the first day and lunch for the second.

I’d like to think that during our little shopping escapade, I was able to see how well the four of us work together. It was like we had our own little niche, our own specialty if you will. Nina was the one who brought out the competitive side in all of us, wanting to make sure that we would end up with the lowest amount spent without sacrificing quality. Maronne, being our little ‘baby’ of the group when it comes to cooking, was the one tasked to calculate our expenses making sure that they were fit for our ideal budget. Tina handled most of the grabbing of food because she knew her way around a grocery. & me? Well, I was the one reminding them to take note of the expenses and the one who would bring the conversation back to the groceries when the conversation would drift somewhere else.

We arrived at Abbey’s Ostrichland in Pampanga (which is more of a farm really if you take into account all the other animals that live in it) at around 11pm. While waiting for the others to fix up their things in time for a meeting before sleeping, Maronne posted this on her FB wall:

"Saya ng wi-fi sa probinsya!" Nyahaha!

During the late night meeting which we all thought was going to be a talk on St. Ignacius, Tomik taught us about the importance of sustainability for an organization. I won’t go into much detail about it, but what I will say though, is that although the road to encompassing that is challenging, it is still very possible. All it takes is an extra dash of selflessness or two.

Day 2 coming up!


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