Bonobusog at Bonoyaki for Mother’s day 2011!

Pre-buffet. My mom's such a beauty, huh?

Heehee, the balloon which showed our reserved area.:))


"I think I just ate two weeks worth of meals." -My text to my dad.

They flashed my name too. Hahaha, parang I was the mom eh.

Don't judge. It's a holiday. Hahah! I like my ice-cream with lots of toppings, okay?!

I spy with my little eye a probable victim of a finger taster. Haha!

After passing by the Bonoyaki restaurant at Libis one too many times, we finally decided to give it a go. Food was great and our server was impeccable. He kept making sure that we were comfortable and that our table was clear of unwanted plates. Anyway, on to the food. Me and my mom ate so much that we didn't even eat dinner anymore. Want another image of the amount of food we consumed? Well, breathing actually started to hurt already. IT WAS THAT BAD. I SWEAR, I HATE HOW I'M SO TAKAW-MATA SOMETIMES.

Mommy, I really do hope you enjoyed this day as much as I did. Heehee, gym next week, okay?!=)) I LOVE OUR LITTLE DATES. BUT I LOVE YOU MORE.:* P.S. We missed you, daddy! I trust we'll be going to a buffet when you're here again?:))


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