Can’t spell school without cool!

Except you know, when it’s hot and humid in the Ateneo’s campus.

Fortunately, I have two airconditioned classes in my schedule for the semester. I’m all for saving the environment, but when the heat strikes and I find myself sweating without even so much as a slight movement, it’s a different story altogether. Let’s all hope that the weather becomes nicer, shall we?

So far, I’m feeling content with my classes. Some of them could be better than others (and have a different time slot so that insects wouldn’t be there to hover over the lights), but I’m too amazed at my Philo professor to let my semester be ruined by such negativity.

I guess what sets this junior year apart is the fact that I actually drive to school now, using my baby no less! Okay, so maybe I don’t park it in school yet because the car is still brought home when I go to class, but it’s a start.;) Also, I’ve received another gift from my dad. I was in the process of saving up for it before, but then events intervened and ta-daaaaaah, he gave it to me right before he left for work again.:”> Another baby to add to my uhm… family? Hahah! I know most people are keen on naming their cars and gadgets, but I really just call them my babies. But then again, maybe I should start a habit… 

Oh well, I’m off to class in a few! Toodle-loo! Nyaha, I keep rhyming!


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