HR lovin’!

They say that spending a lot of time with someone results in the blurring of your own identity. You soon begin to pick up their little catch phrases and mannerisms without being aware of it. You soon start to have certain elements of your wardrobe in tune with theirs, even if initially both of you were worlds apart in terms of style. Heck, sometimes, you even start looking like the other person already – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? Haha!

Denim vests during screening week.<3

Salmon pink top and "navy" green shorts during one of Little Shop Of Horrors choreography days.

When Nina and I first entered blueREP, many thought we were sisters. And for a while, we entertained them. It was a funny case anyway. We always hung out together, we had a strong foundation for a friendship and we had the same last name, so we thought, why not indulge and pretend?

Fast forward to our sophomore year while being co-production managers of Edges, others (people who didn’t know us yet) thought of us as twins, reasoning that we had the same smile, the same length of hair, and once again, the same last name. After scrutinizing our pictures together in the play’s souvenir programme, we didn’t know how to feel about the situation at first because the thought of us being in the same womb at the same time had never even entered our imaginations. We opted to laugh about it afterwards though because we had once again succeeded in tricking people (this time without even our doing on purpose).

These past 3 months have given me and Nina a bundle of time to spend and work with each other because Recweek, Screening Week and the GAs are HR’s primary concern for the first semester of the school year. Countless times we’ve been updating each other with text messages and IMs about the stuff that we’ve accomplished and those that we have yet to do, numerous instances we’d be calling each other on the cellphone because we’d (well, I’d) be lazy to text a long entry regarding newbie concerns, and several situations we’d be meeting up with the HR parents in order to psych them up for the future events of the new parenting program.

Today marks one of our last HR events for the school year. All of the work prepared in over three months is about to end, and yet, they are also only about to begin.

Now, as I prepare my outfit for the GA’s theme, I find myself in a state of bittersweet happiness. I’ve been helping and critiquing the parents’ plans for a number of days, and now, it’s all up to them. I feel like a mother bird having to let my babies fly out for the first time. I’m nervous, happy, scared, sad and ecstatic all at the same time. And although I can’t help but feel somewhat like an emotional wreck right now, I can’t even find the right words to say how proud I am of each and every one of them. They all took the challenge that me and Nina gave, and they’ve been stepping up their game ever since.

Your HR queens will be giving you big hugs later, team! Thank you for continuously surpassing our expectations! (Blue and black in Fiamma. See, told you, we dress alike now.)

I knew that balancing HR duties, Little Shop Of Horrors rehearsals and academics would never be an easy task. But now that I think about it, I’d still choose to do it all over again because at the end of the day, no amount of lying-in-bed-doing-nothing can ever beat productive time spent working with an amazing group of people, and not to mention, one of my best friends.

Get ready to face Prom Disaster later, blueREPPERS! We’ve got a pretty big space to cover, a load of Powerpoint slides to put together, and a fresh new batch of newbies to inspire!


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