Stackers’ Classic Chicken Salad, Chippie Burger, and Crispy Chicken Burger

I’ve only eaten in Stackers twice and already I have to say that the burger cafe is slowly inching its way into my places-to-eat-when-I’m-well-again list.

Classic Caesar Salad (P105)

2.5 on the DITCH scale.

Mom’s big on ordering salads before eating a meal so I’ve pretty much gotten used to reviewing them already. I know what they’re supposed to taste like and I know if the dressing’s drowning the taste of the vegetables. Sadly, this dish did not deliver at all. First of all, the greens weren’t fresh which pretty much ruined everything about the salad. I mean, seriously? The leaves are one of the key items of a salad. This dish was practically just waiting for a place in the ditch scale. Second, the croutons were too buttery which could’ve been great since I’m big on flavor and all that. But I had just finished from a session at the gym and I was in no way close to favoring the idea of the calories coming back twice-fold from the bread bits alone.

Crispy Chicken Burger (P120) 4 out of 5 on the DO scale.

It’s one of the crispiest burgers that I’ve ever taken a bite of. Just look at the picture. I’m mentally stopping myself from biting the screen right now. Hahaha!! The hint of lime from the burger was a nice touch because I’ve only known such a flavor to be prevalent in dishes involving seafood. It’s nice to know that it works with chicken burgers too.

Chippe Burger (P145) 5 out of 5 on the DO scale.

I know, I know. A deep fried fish fillet isn’t exactly the best way to end an exercise session, but stay with me on this one BECAUSE IT IS SO WORTH IT. It’s absolutely perfect! Picture the fish pieces served with Fish & Chips at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s that good. It has an insane crispy exterior which hides a delectable and not to mention delicate inside. It’s such a play on textures. Truly a work of culinary art! THIS BURGER NEEDS NO IMPROVEMENT.

For now, I’m saying yay to Stackers’ burgers and nay to everything else in the cafe. That if of course, unless someone proves me otherwise.

  1. Nice post. You should review more obscure places that people don’t really know about. Nice little cafes and such, and maybe have a theme, like “restaurants that are good for dates, friends, etc”

    • Oh yeah, that’s a great idea! Thanks for the tip, Jolo! I’ll try scouting for new places soon.:D

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