Stacy’s Jersey Shore, Irish Beef ‘N Taters on bread, Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Bacon, Honeycomb cake, and Devil’s Cake

It’s amazing what great friends will tell you once they know how much of a food enthusiast you are.

I had been hearing a lot about Stacy’s for a while now because of Tinette’s tweets. Like me, she’s also a fellow foodie so every time she recommends a place to eat at, I trust her a hundred percent.

Stacy's is nestled in Capitol Hills, Quezon City. If you're familliar with Ayala Heights, it's just along the vicinity. I pass by that area everyday so I'm seriously grateful for Tinette's newest find.

I love how the restaurant is designed to look dainty and cozy at the same time. It's so inviting!

Attention to details will always be a big plus for me. I swear, it's those subtle things that make all the difference sometimes.

One can never go wrong with bright colored flowers.

"When I have a daughter, I'm throwing her a party here." -Roxci

This, dear readers, is my lovely friend, Tinette. If you want to make her happy, talk to her about food or make-up. Just a little piece of trivia, she's the one who did my make-up for the default picture at the right side of my blog.;)

Tinette says my look meshed well with the interiors of Stacy's. What do you think?

Shirley Temple. Tinette got to keep the cute heart shaped stirrer after. Gotta love this place, I tell you!

Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Toasted Bacon (P105)

5 out of 5 on the DO scale

“Usually, I’d add salt and pepper to soup, but here, it’s good on it’s own.” -Tinette

The bacon grabs you by the tastebuds, inviting you to continue dipping your spoon into the thick soup. The pumpkin flavor was flavorful without being overbearing which is still such a cause for amazement for me. How do these guys get the right amount of pumpkin taste in a single cup of soup? I also favored how they paired the soup with wheat bread. It is a much healthier alternative to white bread after all.

Jersey Shore (170) It's basically a classic open-faced tuna melt with a New Jersey dinner twist. It consists of creamy chunks of white tuna salad generously layered with gooey Swiss cheese, which is then piled on freshly baked wheat bread. It's served with a side of healthy greens drizzled with some sweet strawberry vinaigrette.

4 out of 5 on the DO scale

I’ll admit, this dish was pretty comforting. Having eaten tuna sandwiches before as a staple in my diet, it sort of made me remember my days in high school. The fact that it was on wheat bread made me like this dish too. What can I say? I’m a wheat bread fanatic. Haha! I also liked how the tuna wasn’t drenched in mayonnaise. I mean, come on, tuna’s relatively healthy. Don’t ruin it by drowning it in lard.

The holes on the cheese were quite cute actually. Swiss cheese is of course, always shown to have holes in them (at least, in the cartoons from my memory) so it really just brought me back to my childhood in a good way. Oh, and the side salad? Well, I pretty much wiped my plate clean of its vinaigrette.

So what stopped me from giving this dish a perfect 5 on my scale? If you look at the picture, you can see that the filling is settled mostly in the center. It’s sort of tragic really because well, I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I eat bread, I bite the edges off first. So taking first impressions into consideration, it wasn’t as “perfect” as I had imagined it to be, especially since it was recommended by one of the servers in Stacy’s.

Irish Beef 'N Taters on Bread (P185) The dish comprises of 100% corned beef chunks and shreds "lovingly kissed" (their words, not mine) by malted beer and sautéed with white onion rings. It's served with two poached eggs over freshly baked bread and golden steak fries.

4.5 out of 5 on the DO scale

Boy, they weren’t kidding when they said that their corned beef was chunky, alright. It was such a huge deal for me and Tinette, I swear. The onions were surprising because they still had a bite to them yet it steered clear of the pungent taste that raw onions can often give. The eggs were perfect and just the way we like them: soft without being too runny.

Another plus about this dish is that you can actually taste the beer. I’ve been to restaurants before that boast of having a dish with alcohol in them only to deliver disappointment when the flavor isn’t distinct enough. So when Stacy’s pulled this dish off with such suave (if I do say so myself), I was more than happy to have gotten a bite of it. What’s funny however is that the Irish Beef ‘N Taters on Bread is considered an all-day breakfast meal. So if you want to start your day right with a swig of alcohol, do it corned beef style! Hahaha!

Complimentary mug of strawberry covered pretzels, marshmallow flowers and buttered popcorn.

This is what reeled me into coming to Stacy's in the first place. Believe me, Tinette completely had me when I saw the word "complimentary" in her Tweet. Nyahah, I'm a sucker for things like that!

Devil's Cake (P125)

4.5 out of 5 on the DO scale.

The picture doesn’t show it but there are actually bits of chocolate chips in between the ganache and the sponge which literally gives you three different layers of chocolate altogether leading to a truly sinful experience. I’ve encountered cakes with marshmallow icing before so I guess I’m not as fascinated by it anymore but what sets this particular one apart is the fact that the icing is blowtorched. It adds an extra oomph in both taste and presentation aspects.

Scared that the cake might be too sweet for you? Don’t fret. It’s actually made from bittersweet chocolate so it’ll go easy on your tastebuds.

Honeycomb Cake (P145)

4.5 out of 5 on the DO scale

The first time me and Tinette laid eyes on this cake, we were beyond flabbergasted. It was a massive serving! You see, in the cake display of the restaurant, there were no honeycomb bits on top of the cake. So when it arrived on our table looking like this, well, we were at a loss for words.

I’ve always been a fan of honeycomb but ever since it started getting mass produced in between chocolate bars and what not, I chose to stay away. I’m glad I made an exception with this cake though. It was such a pleasure having these bits melt in my mouth. It gave an amazing flavor to the light sponge cake that served as its base.


And there you have it! My first review on Stacy’s with a great foodie friend to share it with! Me and Tinette had so much fun that we’re actually thinking about making this a twice a month thing. I’m definitely not complaining. I mean, good food plus good company? How could that ever go wrong?

Oh, and before I forget, we were actually able to make a new friend after our little dinner date. It was such a lovely chat over cakes and make-up. Speaking of, I’ll be meeting them later tonight for a mini-bazaar of some sort.;) Can’t wait!



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