Stopover Tarlac : SET in Baguio 2011

It was pretty tough having to say goodbye to the weather, the people, and the beautiful house in Baguio.

Before arriving in Manila, we dropped by Cassie’s other house in Tarlac for a quick dinner. Initially, we thought we’d get there earlier but traffic was just horrible. I think we were stuck in the same spot for an hour once. We could actually see the drivers going out of their vehicles to wait already. I remember doing three things while waiting for the car to move: eating, sleeping, and playing tricks on either Ea or Angela. Ahhh, the last few hours before being back in the reality of MNL.

We were greeted by this majestic tree when we entered their Tarlac abode.

I love how Cassie's houses have such interesting designs on their chairs.

Delicate details on the plate.

If I remember correctly, this is their lunch and dinner area. The doors at the end lead to the breakfast one.

I love how Cassie's so loaded yet so humble at the same time.

Looks like a perfect Christmas home to me!

One last picture before we hit the road again.

I still can’t express my gratitude enough to Cassie and her family for helping us make this little vacation of ours possible. It’s crazy, a number of weeks have passed already and I still haven’t gotten over all the things that happened during our trip.

As I’ve said in a recent entry, SET, the name of our group, actually stands as an acronym for Shopping, Eating, and Traveling. Though I’ve only actually travelled with these girls twice, I can tell that this little reward we give to ourselves is something we’ll never get tired of. In fact, I already can’t wait for the other future adventures to come. These three, have seen me in my absolute consumerism behavior down to my I’m-going-to-eat-until-I-end-up-with-a-food-come phase and yet they still love me all the same sans judgment. Hahah!

Here’s to our next trip together, guys! We all know where it is we’re going already.;) I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait a bit for the announcement, dear reader.;)


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