Cafe Xocolat’s Churros con Xocolat, Xocolat Chicken Pasta, Double Choco Chip Cheesecake

A quaint cafe with the set up of a house. That’s how most people would usually describe Cafe Xocolat. Tucked away in B. Gonzales street along Katipunan avenue, it’s one of the go to places for those wishing to satisfy their chocolate craving.

My friends and I used to frequent Cafe Xocolat a lot. We would hole up in one corner – usually the one with leather seats – whip out our scientific calculators, and balance accounts for one of our managament classes. Now though, empty seats are hard to come by leaving us to choose between (a) waiting for a free table or (b) checking other restaurants in the area. & well with rumbling tummies, we can’t really help but opt to go somewhere else.

Getting a seat here is worth its weight in gold. Chocolate gold, if you will. When mom and I saw an empty space in the parking lot, we took it as a sign, and dashed inside. Okay, so maybe I’m the only one who did most all of the dashing.

Well, look at who we have here. Haha, hi Mahar!

Churros con Xocolat (P95)

5 out of 5 on the DO scale

I first got a bite of this crisp creation when I had a date with my friend, GabPang, last year. I watched her swirl the churro in the melted chocolate until finally raising it to her mouth. What followed next was music to my ears: the sound of the slight crunch giving way to her bite.

It took every bit of me to stop from drooling. I had to mentally remind myself to focus on the conversation, but it was too late. The sound had left an imprint in my ears. I still carry it with me until today!

Xocolat Chicken Pasta (P195) 4 out of 5 on the DO scale.

This, my friends, is the dish that made me go to Xocolat in the first place. Back then, the hype for the famous pasta with chocolate dish was at its peak. Not wanting to be an outcast of the group, I ordered my very first plate of Cafe Xocolat’s best seller.

Just like everybody else, I was intrigued by it. It was an original after all. Chocolate and pasta? Who would’ve thought? I’ve grown to like how the chocolate doesn’t overpower the dish, only leaving traces of decadence here and there.

My only wish is that the chicken would have more flavor. Add a dash of pepper perhaps?

Double Choco Chip Cheesecake (P125) 2.5 out of 5 on the DO scale.

Take a look at this messy little creature. Usually, whenever I’d take pictures of my food, I’d look for the “cleanest” angles. On the other hand, dessert seems to work the opposite way. Nothing says sinful like a streak of chocolate carelessly made by a knife on a cake slice.

Although I like my cheeses sharp, I prefer a creamier texture when used in dessert. I felt that Xocolat’s cheese – even if the saltiness paired well with the chocolate crust- was just a bit too strong for my liking. I also thought that the double choco chip element fell flat all throughout the meal. What a shame really.

Cafe Xocolat

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  1. I missssss xocolaaaate! One of the best things I liked about college especially living right next to it! 😛

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