Stella Wood Fire Bistro’s The Stella Salad, Roasted Sweet Tomatoes & “Pesto Rustica”, Lasagna “Al Forno”, Stella’s Wood Fired Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough, and Crema Catalana

My 21st birthday with CRAK has to be one of the best dates I’ve had with them. Despite us not being complete – with Mae living her dreams in New York and all – it was an amazing day filled with giggles, walks down memory lane, and newfound revelations.

Dress from SM

I love this dress that I got for a steal in SM! I grabbed it off the rack the moment I saw it! The scarf print is so chic. Definitely going to keep this dress in mind the next time Paige and I have another one of our high tea dates.

Pumps from Charles & Keith

I call these my business shoes. They’re my go to heels for presentations in my management classes. At a height of 4 inches, they’re the shortest of the bunch since I usually opt for 5 inch heels.

Bag from mom.

Watch from Guess. Bangles and ring from mom.

Necklace from Accetera Online Shop

Remember the purple necklace I wore before? Well, it’s the same one. I just turned it over. Pretty ingenious? Haha!

Anyway, on to the review!


The Stella Salad (P295) 3 out of 5 on the DO scale.

Butter lettuce with strips of bacon, sun dried tomato bits, and my personal favorite, candied roasted pistachios. Trust me, I went nuts. Pardon the pun. The salad was served with a buttermilk chive-ranch dressing and a confetti of Malagos Pecorino. The bacon was meaty, a plus for me and Kitkat, but I would’ve preferred that cubes be used instead of strips.

Roasted Sweet Tomatoes & “Pesto Rustica” (P195) 5 out of 5 on the DO scale.

Call me ignorant but I’ve never really heard of a beefsteak tomato before. I was in luck though because this dish called for three kinds of tomatoes: cherry, beefsteak, and native. My favorite had to be the cherry tomato that just bursts the minute teeth comes into contact with it. Topped with fresh Rizal Dairy mozzarella, Malagos Ricotta, and Thai basil, the plate is a beautiful reminder of how sometimes fresh ingredients are all you need to make a statement.

Lasagna “Al Forno” (P495)

5 out of 5 on the DO scale

One of the best things about baking lasagna in a wood fired oven is that it makes a crisp top layer. I, for one, was pleasantly surprised with the added crunch. It added texture to the spinach cream, fresh Rizal Dairy mozzarella, and Malagos Ricotta.

Stella’s Wood Fired Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough (P195) 5 out of 5 on the DO scale.

I was nursing a sore throat from licking too many caramel covered spoons in a previous engagement but under condition was I about to pass up on dessert. It was my birthday, certain decisions simply had to be made. Haha!

We scraped the bowl clean off its gooey chocolatey cookie, mantecado ice cream, salted caramel drizzle, and rosemary pistachios. Claudelle loved it so much that after one bite she exclaimed, “This is so good! 5 over 5!” addressing my food blog. Now, that was just one for the books!

Crema Catalana (P195) 1 out of 5 on the DO scale.

Crema Catalana is more commonly known as what the French call Creme Brûlée. A classic Spanish dessert, the custard has a delicate sheet of burnt caramel and garnished with berries.

Unfortunately, I think the dish was a little too charred. The caramel had turned bitter. A sad outcome for a popular dessert.

The 3 girlies of CRAK. Kitkat, me, and Claudelle. My, my, how we’ve grown, loves.

Stella Wood Fire Bistro
Bonifacio High Street Central


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