The start of my Paleo

I’ve been keeping a low profile on my blog to help myself recover from an overly acidic stomach. Somehow, food blogging and the like made me want to hide in the comforts of my bed and stay there.

I was placed on a strict diet, banned from basically everything I loved. No dairy, no caffeine, no juices, no citrus, no tomato-based anything, no wheat, no mint, no liquor, nothing deep fried, nothing spicy or sour… And those are just the ones I can remember.

It was annoying and downright maddening at one point. I remember walking through the A-Fair of my university, almost in tears because I was hungry, in pain, and I couldn’t eat anything there.

My stomach was supposed to be on probation for two weeks and then it was to be decided upon on whether or not I was going in for an endoscopy.

Fortunately enough, I was getting better fast, thanks to the meds — which by the way, were incredibly strong. I got better fast and well, let’s just say that mom saw how miserable I was so she lifted my restrictions a few days early.

Yesterday I began eating whatever I wanted. I dove straight in with milk, frozen yogurt, tomatoes and coffee scattered throughout my day — clearly something I shouldn’t have done. Although I’m grateful that I didn’t have another acidic episode, it made me realize that dairy really might be my real problem. Yes, my stomach churned a few times. 

And so marks the start of my Paleo diet. I’m doing it with a friend and today marks our first step into primal eating.

Made a stack of mini Paleo-friendly pancakes (1 banana and 2 eggs) with a side of almonds for breakfast.

I’m quite excited actually. I’m tired of feeling bloated thanks to all the acid build up after consuming dairy. I’m tired of having to load up on carbs and feeling blegh. Oh, and an added plus is that it helps me lose weight too, because seriously, the amount of wheat and dairy that I used to consume is preposterous.

But just like everything else, moderation is key. My friend, Jes, and I are allowed three cheats every week until the 1st of March. We’ve actually even upped it by placing a bet on our goal weight. Classic.


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