July 5vorites

I know, I know. Forgive the corny 5vorites bit but that’s what I’ve decided to call this entry. I figured I’d jump on the “Favorites” blogpost bandwagon and start listing down five favorites or highlights for the month just passed. That way, I get a good ol’ trip down fairly-recent memory lane and remind myself that no matter how stress ridden a month can be, there are still pockets of gold hidden beneath all the chaos and hormones.

Let’s start, shall we?


Daddy's back, and for good. Well, sort of.

Daddy’s back for good! Well, sort of.

Early last month, we picked up my dad from the airport and made our way back home like the happy close knit family that we are. It’s really nice being in the same country with my dad again and I’m happy that he’s finally taking a well deserved rest. He’s still quite the workaholic though so I’m not entirely sure how long his “vacation” will be. Nevertheless, it’s great to have him around.

I find it adorable how my parents still go to my room before they sleep, checking to see if I’m also getting ready for bed. They can’t hide their concern when they see me typing away with a cup of coffee by my side though. Other times, I try and sleep before midnight. But some nights are a different story.


& this is how Vergs and I look like whenever we watch cartoon movies. Haha! (Image taken from Tumblr.)

In all honesty, dating someone who doesn’t share the same interests as me can be quite frustrating. Take for example, my fascination with anything released by Pixar and Disney and his lack thereof. Or how he loves horror movies when I for one sing “La la la” out loud in an attempt to keep busy when a scary story is being told. And it doesn’t just end there too. One of my biggest weaknesses is nuts in any kind and form possible. I stock up on different peanut butters and have several kinds of nuts in raw, honey roasted, and slightly salted variations. I’m a downright nut, pardon the pun. But while I gape at all the different kinds of nut varieties available, Vergs is deathly allergic to them. I may have accidentally forgotten that pesto had nuts mixed in and offered him a plate, to which he got back at me and told our friends that I tried to kill him.

But I have to say, albeit frustrating, all these differences are a little refreshing. It’s like HIMYM’s olive theory, I guess. Person A doesn’t like olives and Person B does, so it’s ultimately a win-win situation — by the way, the same goes for whenever we find olives in our nachos. Mmm yummy olives!


Zoella, a YouTube vlogger based in UK. See more of here here: http://www.youtube.com/user/zoella280390

Zoella, a YouTube vlogger based in UK. See more of here here: http://www.youtube.com/user/zoella280390

Zoella’s this beauty blogger who has the personality and optimism that a lot would be envy for. She’s so candid and doesn’t mind looking silly at all– something I’ve always admired about some people. Her kookiness is just a part of her charm, I guess. That, and her British accent. Oh goodness me, I may have found a girl crush.


Lonely Hearts Club aka CommuniTEAM

As some of you may or may or not know, I’ve started working at a multinational advertising agency early last month. Although I’m a tad bit overwhelmed at times with all the digital scans and content plans to be prepared in x amount of days, I get by with a little help from my CommuniTEAM. I’ve never felt so welcomed at work before and I owe it to them for teaching me the basics about status scheduling, Social Bakers, and Facebook Insights. They’ve been a brilliant companion during lunches both in and out of the office too. I still consider myself the ultimate newbie in the team but I never would’ve guessed that I’d get a lot of “love” from a group that calls themselves The Lonely Hearts Club.


So happy to have finally seen Vergs dance. Yay for Homecoming!

So happy to have finally seen him dance. Yay for Homecoming! (Photo from Zaya.)

Prior to last month’s Homecoming dance concert, I had never seen Vergs dance. Not even when I asked nicely.So when he asked me if he should join his friends for a dance or two, I said yes right away. Dates spent tired from work, classes, and training were our own ways of still making time for each other, a feat I’m pretty proud of us for.

Fast forward to a few hours before the concert.. I was at work, readying my things to leave at 5:30 sharp, when a horrible storm happened. I was in a white dress, velvet flats, and the open parking lot where my car stood had a flood up to ankles. With my tiny blue umbrella, I managed to make it to my car without looking like a complete mess — at least I hope. I didn’t really care that much because the concert was at 7 and it was rush hour. I just stepped on the gas pedal and drove off into the sea of cars. Fortunately, I made it in time with an hour to spare because the power went out in the auditorium.

I’ve got to admit, Vergs looks really good dancing on stage. That’s all I’m going to say because I’m afraid he’ll read this and get a big head again. Hahah!! But honestly though, I was so proud and happy to see him performing. The fact that he only joined the concert because of me was the cherry on top.

  1. N. said:

    Awww at number 4!! 🙂
    No matter what happens, The Lonely Hearts Club will always have a place in my (lonely) heart! 🙂

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