Life made simple

I was mindlessly scrolling down my newsfeed when I came across a link entitled “50 Life Hacks to Simplify your Life”. As someone who’s looking for more ingenious ways when it comes to everyday tasks, I was pretty excited about what was in store.

On subtle reminders when it comes to good health.

Take for example this marked water bottle. I for one, am one of those who constantly have to be reminded to take a swig every now and then. If there’s nobody there to remind me, I usually fall victim to (a) forgetting my thirst or (b) remembering it for a second, telling myself that I’ll rehydrate in a minute, but ultimately forgetting in the end.

I’m one to work on pressure, so I think that this coaxing of the marked lines will have me go bonkers if I don’t finish a “level” of water in time. But hey, if it’ll get me to drink more fluids at the end of the day, maybe it isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Dessert portion control.

Let it be known that sweets must never be completely taken out of my diet, lest I go on a chocolate eating frenzy and scarf down every bit of cocoa in sight. I’ve seen this picture countless times already actually. I just haven’t mustered up the initiative to make one for myself. But who knows, maybe I’ll whip up a mug or two to share.

Besides the fact that this recipe is practically fool proof, I like how it limits the calorie intake per serving. I’m a big snacker so it’s pretty hard for me to mentally stop myself from eating one chocolate bar after another. I mean, sure they may just be bite sized pieces, but have six of those in a day, and well that won’t really strike as something pleasant in the fat and jiggle department.

Oh, if only I knew about this earlier.

Back when I was still a college senior bound by the perils of thesis, I had a slight panic attack whilst looking for CD cases. With a deadline at noon and only two handfuls of minutes to spare, I ran to the LS bookstore, grabbed a CD case off the shelf, and waited in line rather impatiently. Since it was lunch time a number of students were queueing up as well. There I was, fidgety as can be, looking at my watch, and desperately pleading time to pause.

By some miracle, I made it to my deadline with a little under two minutes to spare. Thank goodness for adrenaline that makes a person sprint like nobody’s business. Even though I’m extremely pleased at the outcome, I think knowing this little life hack beforehand would have saved me a couple of fine lines on my face.


Do you know of any other life hacks? I’d love to hear about them.


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