2014 resolutions

& just like that, in true Roxci fashion, this blog has yet again been abandoned for quite some time.

I’d rather not go into specifics and whatnot anymore because of time constraint, but let’s just say that 2013 was a year of anxiety attacks. Who would’ve thought that thesis, moving on post university life, waiting a month for a certain something — and having it almost snatched away from you in an instant after it arrives — could have taken a toll on me? Add that to erratic hormones induced by stress, not feeling good enough, and a few little “party poopers” here and there and you’ve got, well, 2013 me. 

The year had its ups of course. Such as finally making a choice to stay with someone I love and sticking with that same person in all times good and bad, learning if and when to put my foot down instead of just being passive all the freaking time, exposing myself to new experiences and circles of friends, and finally, spending time with the people dearest to me. 

In a nutshell, here’s what I have to say about 2013: It was great. It could’ve been better but I’m thankful all the same. 🙂


I’ve always been a fan of listing down goals for the new year. So without further ado, here are some of my 2014 resolutions:

1. Be more organized. – Stop using the “I’m an artist” excuse and actually make use of filing cabinets.

2. Go on a three day juice detox.  The amount of sweets and junk I consume is just alarming. i think it’s only right for me to practice some discipline via a detox cleanse. Lord, help me.

3. Read more books. – I’ve stacks of unread and unfinished books waiting to be devoured. Oh and a Kindle and an iPad too. Better put all of these to good use!

4. Give the beach another chance. – Because when you’re dating a beach lover, you have to at least try and see things from his perspective.

5. Record a song at least once a month. – Always have a creative outlet, especially one that involves singing.

6. Watch a concert. – The last one I went to was 6 years ago. No judging.

7. Be more domesticated. – Learn how to prepare the dishes mom is known for, and maybe just maybe create some original ones on my own.

8. Splurge and not feel guilty. – I’m pegging this to be a certain Michael Kors watch that I’ve been lusting over for the longest time.

9. Upload photos asap. – My family and friends have fallen victim to my lack of uploads of anything other than Instagram photos. 

10. List down three things to be grateful for with each day. – Because positivity starts with gratefulness realized. 


Let’s have fun, year 2014! 🙂 Looking forward to creating happier memories this time around!



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