It’s been a couple months since I last made a food review, and to be quite frank, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. The latter end of last year was spent making new memories, ones that were meant to last even without the presence of a DSLR, and I for one couldn’t have been any happier. 

At the moment, I’m still slowly coursing myself through this whole journey of going back to food reviewing. I can’t say for certain when my next “real one” will be but I’m in no rush. For now, I’m happy with taking food shots and not having a self-imposed deadline for when they should be up on the blog.


I started off the year with a lot of food, family time (both mine and my Vergs’), and lots of pleasant surprises in between. I swear, I’ve got more stories to tell, but for now I’ll stick to my grandma’s 86th birthday. 


My grandma and I never really saw each other eye to eye when it came to most things. She was traditional and a little too strong-willed while I was just a tad bit stubborn and a product of an entirely new generation. Despite our differences, I always knew that I was one of her favorites — she may have blatantly announced this every time we’d have family gatherings, which might have led to a few uncomfortable moments what with my cousins there and all. 

Anyway, I digress. For her birthday, we asked her for ideas on how she wanted to celebrate. After all, turning 86 is a milestone in this day and age. Initially, she just wanted to stay at home and rest, but after a few prods from my parents, she agreed to a trip down memory lane — in the literal sense. We spent the day in the car travelling around Manila, looking at old apartments she lived in and familiar areas where she grew up.

I’m not one to enjoy sitting in the car as a passenger — I’d rather drive to battle boredom — but on this trip, I wasn’t the least bit bored. Maybe it was because of the stories she and my dad exchanged while driving by their 3rd or was it 4th apartment, or maybe it was because Vergs was there and I didn’t feel singled out via age group. Whatever it was, it sure made for a great day. 

We dropped by Manila Ocean Park for late lunch at Makan-Makan. I was surprised that they changed their service — they wait at tables now instead of the get-up-and-order-your-own-fare, the kind that was reminiscent of how Singaporeans usually dine — but oh well, it saved us the effort of waiting in line, I guess. 

Here are a few of the plates we ordered:

Bak Kut Teh, a favorite of my dad’s.

Roti, one of my favorites. If I could have authentic Roti Prata everyday, I probably would.

Broccoli in Oyster Sauce. Can you say smothered?

Crab Rice, an ode to my lolo who used to order Crab Rice at every chance he got.

Carrot Cake. This was a scam. It tasted nothing like what we were used to.

Calamari, which in my opinion, is something I will ordering a lot soon.

We all definitely ate too much during this day, but hey, I guess that’s what comes with every birthday celebration. 🙂





Happy birthday again, grandma!


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